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  Jitendra Kumar Lalbhai – 1965
Our love for yarn began in 1965 when JKL was formed and started trading in yarns. Today JKL is one of the leading Textile Raw material (cotton, yarn, fabrics) marketing companies in the Domestic Indian Market. The Vision is to become most preferred partner for manufacturers for marketing their textile products in India. With head office in Ahmedabad, JKL yarns is now established in Ichalkaranji, Mumbai, Bangalore & now is expanding its base throughout India so that the company is in position to offer marketing services for any supplier throughout India.
  Acme International – 1996
From the domestic arena the group forayed into the international market with the same product - yarn. A new company Acme International Ltd. was started in 1996. The Vision was that the services and reliability which customers received from the company in the domestic market the same service and reliability was to be carry forward to tap the international customers. With time today, Acme International Ltd has grown into becoming a very important supply chain partner for leading Textile manufactures and brands and today has presence in 35 countries worldwide with its own office in Bangladesh, Pakistan & Honk Kong. Product port folio has grown to cover raw cotton, yarn, fabric, made ups and garments which is sourced through its 6 offices throughout India.
  Acme Housewares Pvt Ltd – 2001
The group first product diversification effort – Houseware division was started in 2001 under the name of Aenco Housewares (India) Pvt. Ltd and renamed in 2009 as Acme Housewares (India) Pvt. Ltd. with its head office in Mumbai. Acme Housewares exports Housewares product from India & specializes in the export of stainless steel kitchen ware, barware, Hollowware, Cook ware, Kitchen Tools and Gadgets. It works on OEM & ODM designs for customer in Europe & Canada.
  Acme Cotsyn Pvt – 2005
The first initiative to get into manufacturing was taken into 2005 by starting Acme Cotsyn Pvt. Ltd. It is a weaving project having 50 picanol rapier shutleless machines and manufacturing about 3 lakhs meter per month. The company mainly manufactures Dobby Suiting & Shirting, Corduroy, yarn dyed & industrial grey fabric for selling in the domestic market. Apart from this company is also taking job work for denim fabric and other specialized articles.
  Acme Yarns Pvt. Ltd – 2010 

The group entered in to the spinning sector in 2010 with the start of Acme Yarns Pvt. Ltd, which is a spinnign factory Located at GIDC, (about 1 hour from Ahmedabad). The unit has been primarily started to make 100% Cotton Yarns to cater to the Domestic yarns requirements for the power loom sector. It has been started with initial spindlage of 12000 spindles with expansion plan to grow same to 20,000 by 2012. The count range is from NE 12’s to NE 30’s 100% Carded Cotton Yarns for Weaving as well as Knitting.



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