Your Reliable Partner For Sourcing Textile Products
Masters Of Trade
  Mastering yourself is power and mastering others is strength; and ACME is an organisation which has always powered its strength. With the strength to source anything and everything in textile, ACME is one of those few organisations which can give a complete pin to piano service in the textile industry. What makes it India’s premier textile buying house is its ability to source the full chain of textile products from fibre to yarn, fabric, madeups and garments making it a ONE-STOP-SHOP for sourcing textile products.

To add to this the company now provides its customers with tailor made design solutions. It has a dedicated team of designers based in India and UK which work with customers to bring in new designs and products to suit customer requirements as well as work towards developing new products for the company’s in house brands.

Making all this possible is a powerful and dedicated team of professionals working in all major metros of India, which has mastered and manoeuvred the company’s way to the top.

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